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Rapid Luciferase Reporter Assay Systems for High Throughput Studies


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The increased demand for rapid reporter assays has resulted in the introduction of the Luciferase Reporter 1000 Assay System and Dual-Luciferase™ Reporter 1000 Assay System. These products provide a total of 1,000 assays for either single or dual reporting systems as determined by the user's needs. Both are designed to provide rapid genetic reporter analyses for large-scale experiments and are particularly suited for applications in 96-well luminometry plates. Both systems are adaptable to very short measurements, which allow fast total read times, in an efficient assay format. A 96-well plate can be analyzed in less than seven minutes.

Promega Notes 65, 9.

Rita R. Hannah, Martha L. Jennens-Clough and Keith V. Wood

Promega Corporation
Publication Date: 1998

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