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A New System for Cloning and Expressing Protein-Coding Regions


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The Flexi® Vector Systems provide a rapid, efficient and high-fidelity method to transfer protein-coding regions between vectors with various expression or peptide tag options. Inserts are efficiently transferred between Flexi® Vectors following restriction enzyme digestion, maintaining insert orientation and reading frame. During the initial cloning step, a lethal gene in the Flexi® Vector cloning region allows positive selection for ligation of the insert. Antibiotic resistance genes simplify selection of the desired clone during subsequent transfer to other Flexi® Vectors.

Promega Notes 89, 11–15.

Michael Slater, Jim Hartnett, Natalie Betz, Jami English, Ethan Strauss, Becky Pferdehirt and Elaine Schenborn

Promega Corporation
Publication Date: 2005

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