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Cleanup of TRIzol® Reagent-Purified Total RNA Using the PureYield™ RNA Midiprep System


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The PureYield™ RNA Midiprep System uses a novel Clearing Agent and method to purify RNA that is essentially free of genomic DNA contamination and ready for use in downstream applications. The PureYield™ RNA Midiprep System can also be used to clean up phenol:chloroform-extracted RNA samples, such as those purified using TRIzol® reagent. In addition to removal of residual RNases in extracted RNA, the PureYield™ RNA Midiprep System also removes DNA contaminants from the samples. Removal of DNA contamination is critical for sensitive applications, such as quantitative RT-PCR and microarray analysis.

Promega Notes 94, 7–11.

Michelle Mandrekar, Paula Brisco, Katharine Hoffmann and Rex Bitner

Promega Corporation
Publication Date: 2006

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