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Measurement of Three Proteasome Proteolytic Activities Using Luminescent Assays


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The Proteasome-Glo™ 3-Substrate System consists of three homogeneous, bioluminescent assays that measure the three proteolytic activities associated with the proteasome. Three substrates have been synthesized to monitor the chymotrypsin-like, trypsin-like and caspase-like activities associated with the proteasome. The Proteasome-Glo™ Assays are designed for use with multiwell plate formats and are ideal for automated high-throughput screening of proteasome activity and inhibition.

Promega Notes 94, 19–21.

Martha O'Brien1, Mike Scurria2, Laurent Bernad2, William Daily2, James Unch2, Kay Rashka1, Sandra Hagen1, Jeri Culp1, Rich Moravec1, Brian McNamara1, and Terry Riss1

1Promega Corporation, 2Promega Biosciences, Inc.
Publication Date: 2006

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