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Automated Purification of DNA and RNA From Various Bacterial Species and Sample Types...

Automated Purification of DNA and RNA From Various Bacterial Species and Sample Types Scientific Poster




Rebecca Roberts1, Doug Wieczorek1, Rudy Zhao1, Mark Witte1, Melissa McCornack1, Rudy Zhao1, Paolo Leone2, Paola Cremonesi2, Alessandro Bosetti2 and Trista Schagat1
1Promega Corporation, Madison, WI
2CNR-IBBA (Italian National Council of Research-Institute of Agro-Biology and Biotechnology)

Bacteria are ubiquitous in nature. They vary in size, shape, virulence, cell wall structure and the environment in which they can be found. This can necessitate different extraction methods for different bacterial species. Here we demonstrate simple protocols, often with no preprocessing, for automated isolation of bacterial DNA and RNA in pre-filled cartridges of the Maxwell® 16 Purification kits. Bacterial nucleic acid was successfully isolated and detected from both Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria in a range of sample types (liquid culture, single colony, clinical and environmental samples, and food products). Detection, quantification and quality were based on NanoDrop, gel electrophoresis, and/or PCR.

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