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New Cellular Reporter Technologies using X-MAN™ Cell Models Poster




Paul Morrill1, Chris Torrance1, Christine Schofield1, Holly Astley1, Sue Rigby1, Tom Henley1, Claire Mahoney1, Paul Gonzales2, Bernardo Chavira2, Mei Cong3, Danette Daniels3, Hélène Benink3, Nancy Murphy3, Jeff Kelly3
1Horizon Discovery Ltd, Cambridge, UK, 2TGen Drug Development, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, 3Promega Corporation, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

X‐MAN™ (gene‐X Mutant And Normal) cell lines provide genetically defined, patient‐relevant, predictive in vitro models of genetic disease. We are further extending their application within targeted drug discovery with the development of new reporter disease models using our GENESIS™ gene engineering technology (Figure 1). These models combine X‐MAN™ cell lines with the endogenous gene reporting capabilities in the form of NanoLuc™ luciferase and HaloTag® reporter technologies.

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  • Part# PS142
  • Printed in USA.

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